Current Members

mjin.jpg Moonsoo Jin
B.S.1997 Mechanical Engineering. SNU
D.Sc. 2002 Mechanical Engineering. MIT
Lab Manager
Marjan Zaman B.S. 2013 Biological Engineering, Cornell University

Developing Magnetic Nanoparticles for Tumor Detection using Optical and MR Imaging and Hyperthermia Therapy
Developing approach for in-vivo QSM
Postdoctoral Researchers
Enda Shevlin B.A. 2009 Trinity College, Ph.D. 2013 Immunology, Maynooth U
Resident Fellows and Visiting Scholars
Jana Ivanidze
Padraic O'Malley
Dina Bedretdinova
Irene M Min
Ph.D. Students
Spencer Park

B.S. 2008 Biological Engineering, Cornell University

Developing Nanoparticles for Tumor Detection and Therapy
Screening human antibody library in ADCC-function dependent manner
Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-modified T-cell screening for tumor cytotoxicity
Yogindra Vedvyas B.S. Hunter College, 2010 M.Eng. Cornell University
Targeted Protein Constructs for siRNA delivery
Research Technicians
Susan Park B.S. 2014 Biology, Boston College
Autoreactive T cell in cardiovascular disease

Previous Members

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